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Stakeholders in Arua District after the Engagement at Heritage Courts Hotel Arua City

Operation Wealth Creation office Arua on spotlight over gender imbalance

ARUA DISTRICT: During a stakeholders engagement at Heritage courts Hotel in Arua City organized by Mayang Anti Corruption Coalition MACO, members voiced that most of the programs under Operation Wealth Creation have never favored the women as most of them have never benefited.

One of the women representatives in the district Beatrice Ayikoru explained that women have been exploited by me to achieve their target of filling their numbers.

“I very sorry to report that most of the beneficiaries of this program are men who have links with the government but they only use women to fulfill their motives .”

The Community Development Officer CDO Arua district Edward Endra noted that most of the list they send to the Operation Wealth Creation desk to benefit from the programs have been of women but a few benefit from these programs.

“we identify beneficiaries, train them and leave them to OWC to access the services and the delivery is not in the hands of the CDOs but I always receive complaints from the female gender about their groups missing the services after supervision.”

Gender inclusiveness has been what the government of Uganda has been advocating for so as to bring up the female gender that has been lowered by culture in the decision-making process.

The Executive Director MACO Ernest Enzama speaking on need to have gender inclusiveness

Meanwhile, the Senior Education Officer Arua District Ronald Drani prefers taking the programs to the learning institution so that they have a long way.

“many programs under Agriculture have produced good results as learners get adequate knowledge and at the same time extend the knowledge to where ever they go.”

Most of the programs under Operation Wealth Creation are Agriculture based and these might have an  impact on the learners and it’s proven that there is no loss in these institutions. “Drani added”.

The Coordinator Operation Wealth Creation Arua District Major Emmanuel Andrua explains most of the community leaders mess up the projects under the OWC.

“We have ever funded groups with various items who are identified by the local leaders on the ground, in our sampling we always ensure at least 30% of the group members is constituted by women and we only receive group names and these are supervised by the production officers”.

Most of these projects are mismanaged by the group leaders themselves who ensure that the items distributed benefit them only leaving others behind and when it comes to accountability it becomes hard as other members are not aware of their group benefiting from such a project. ‘Major Andrua noted’

Coordinator OWC Arua District Major Emmanuel Andrua highlighting on the challenges hindering success to OWC

Anisha Alinda who is the project coordinator been funded by  Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung said it’s the responsibility of all the stakeholders to see into it that projects follow the right channel up to the grass-root beneficiaries so that these projects do not land in the wrong hands.

All this is aimed at ensuring that citizens account for the resources and task the leaders to open up on the projects available. ‘Anisha added’

In 2018 sixteen heifers were distributed to youth groups under the OWC program in Arua district and of these only five have survived and the rest are nowhere to be seen as follow-ups have not yielded fruits.

By: Dramadri Federick


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