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The Commissioner Prison services based at the headquarters who led the exercise Aloka Julious addressing the press on the recruitment process

Over Thirty Recruits Disqualified Over Discrepancies Surrounding Documents In West Nile

WEST NILE: Forty-seven 47 applicants shortlisted in the ongoing prison staff recruitment exercise in West Nile have been disqualified.

This according to the Commissioner Prisons based at the prison’s headquarters Julius Aloka is due to discrepancies surrounding documents of the applicants.

“We have for the last four days registered at least ten cases of faked papers, cases of in coordinated names and ages right from the National Identity Cards IDs where some of these do not match”.

Though forgery is a criminal offense in the law of Uganda, this has been the most common offense detected in the recruitment process but Aloka explains that they did not take any step of either confiscating or arresting the persons involved in the criminal act.

“We have advised those affected by these discrepancies to go back without punishment because we are supposed to be in the process with the police officers who would enforce some of these directives.”

The recruitment process now at interviewing stage across the country is expected to run for one week West Nile Region.

One of the applicants Edoni Moses Don from Maracha district said most of these cases occur as a result of the widespread poverty in the region that could not permit many to attain a better base of education.

 “I think it’s better for those who know that they don’t have papers to look for jobs that do not need papers to avoid problems for themselves”.

Panelists marking interview papers at West Nile recruitment center in Arua Police ground.

Initially, the recruitment exercise was conducted at the various district headquarters.

Engamvile Alfred from Tara sub-county in Maracha district who equally came for the interview explained that most of the applicants have found it difficult to reach the recruitment due to long distances and urge that the next interviews be conducted in the various district headquarters.

Meanwhile, Amviko Gloria one of the recruits from Maracha district said her joining prisons services is to show other women they can

“Many women fear to join forces due to their condition and the kind of partners they Mary but they should come up and speak and even do what the men do.”

Amviko Gloria speaking before attending her interviews at Arua police ground.

West Nile recruitment center registered a poor turnout of applicants for interviews with six coming from Moyo and three eliminated on spot, Terego registered fifty-three out of eighty and the others followed.

The Uganda Prisons Services is targeting to recruit Two Thousand 2,000 personnel to increase the population of the prison staff.

By Dramadri Federick

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