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P.I.G and Young Lemon re-ignite musical connection

Gossip | The Northern Link UG | Andrua Emmanuel a.k.a P.I.G of the re-known Bongo Battalian entertainment and Tuff boss Young Lemon are reportedly back in studio to fan the flame to their earlier musical connection.

The two had connected their affiliations back in 2014 calling it the “Bongo battalian-Tuff music” connection and recorded powerful hits such as Life [Edri] and ‘No surrender’ that took the airwaves by storm and created a shared fan base for the two.

However the connection went silent as each artist went solo with no clear reasons.

P.I.G later hooked up his homeboy D.N.K song with whom he a streak of musical pieces but unfortunately D.N.K passed on late last year (R.I.P), leaving P.I.G solo again. As for lemon, he had retired to his home town Manibe and started focusing on his family life.

The latest buzz in town is that the two are back in studio as they were spotted together at Joshman’s Ociba based Malcom records. On being approached by our snoops, the two confessed to working on a new song dubbed ‘calm’.

A photo of P.I.G and Young lemon sharing notes back in 2014. The two had a promising musical run.

Asked if it is a re-incarnation of their past, P.I.G says they just met up to work something out. He is not sure about the reconnection but he would let things play out. Lemon on the other hand is open to working with his long time companion.

P.I.G became a musical icon in the region since his breakthrough ‘Nubian Swagga’ hit that went wild in 2013. He initiated the ‘Bongo battalian’ crew that helped mentor other names in the game.

Young lemon is equally a musical genius widely appreciated for his sharp vocals and addressing societal concerns in his music. he started out under Raga Pythons’ ‘Monster Pharmily’ and later broke off to spearhead ‘Tuff’ music also mentoring other acts in the process.
The two brands had blended nicely on their musical pieces which the fans welcomed and appreciated.

Are we seeing a re-ignition of the flame that once burned

Watch the space!!

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