You are currently viewing P.I.G ensures the ‘Munisalaam’ pact remains intact as he recruits LMB Rags on new song
From Left to Right: LMB RAGS, P.I.G and Wagadugu at Nsambia based Arufu records.

P.I.G ensures the ‘Munisalaam’ pact remains intact as he recruits LMB Rags on new song

Gossip|The Northern Link UG. Someone recently lamented that this year  has been cruel with the pandemic but at least it is blowing with a breeze that brings back legends and oh boy! He couldn’t be more right. Just a month ago, XBishop announced his return to active music, a few weeks back, the music fraternity was thrilled with the return of self proclaimed music terminator Raga Pyton from jail and barely a month now we can confirm to you that another legend by the name LMB Rags is back in studio! Yes! You read it right. For those who have followed West Nile music long enough, there is probably no need to introduce to you the ‘Black beast’ who championed ‘Gbara flow’ in the region.

Well, the news is that P.I.G of the Bongo Battalian crew who hit the limelight in 2011 and is known for always paying allegiance to his native land ‘Muni’ in his music has joined forces with the legendary LMB Rags on a new song.

Both artists who originate from Muni were spotted at Nsambia based Arufu records earlier this week and it is revealed that the two are working on a new collaborative project alongside popular street icon ,Wagadugu. Although LMB broke through much earlier in 2008 with his ‘Hustler’ street anthem, P.I.G came in later and kept the flame of the hood burning. He initiated a slogan ‘Munisalaam’ to refer to being a son of the soil of Muni which he kept preaching in his music. One can conclude that this could be a result of that belief in uniting and working as home boys.

P.I.G says the new direction music is taking in the region is rapid and so those who started sometime back will have to do a lot in catching up with the pace. He admits that he has managed to maintain some consistency on the scene but feels bad that his mentor and fellow son of the soil from Muni has been stagnant. He therefore recruited LMB on his new song alongside Wagadugu, a jam dubbed ‘Poor man’. Asked what this new jam is all about, P.I.G is quick to say he believes the youth of his generation are mentally rich but the system in place has kept many hostage to poverty and so not all can afford to fuel the vehicle to their dreams.

Official art of the upcoming song ‘Poor Man


This song is therefore a green light to all those enslaved by the system to continue working on their dreams regardless of the situation.

LMB Rags on his part affirms that it is his come back to active recording that will see him organize and possibly deliver his first ever album.

In life we always have the chance to try again, who knows where it may lead us to in the end

LMB said sounding full of hope.

P.I.G had earlier featured LMB on the Bongo Battalian anthem in 2013 alongside rappers like Gbaraspoken, Rap killa and others but never got to work on a more themed project as this. The combination of P.I.G, LMB Rags and Wagadugu whose brands appeal much to the streets on that DJ Poppa beat could turn out to be another street anthem. We bet you know that we shall always keep you posted.

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