You are currently viewing P.I.G unleashes street anthem ‘Poor Man’ featuring LMB Rags and Wagadugu

P.I.G unleashes street anthem ‘Poor Man’ featuring LMB Rags and Wagadugu

Muni bred Bongo battalian star P.I.G has finally released his long awaited collabo ‘Poor Man’ which features gbara flow legend LMB Rags and Wagadugu. P.I.G had hinted about the collabo weeks ago saying he is on a mission of featuring as many home acts as possible. He says that all through his music career, he has not been giving attention to working with other artists as most of his hits have been singles. Now is the time to work together with other West Nile artists so as to grow together.

The song ‘Poor Man’ produced by DJ Poppa out of Arufu records has a high tempo dancehall feel on the beat. As anticipated, LMB Rags resurrects on this with a fast flow in Kiswahili and an overdose of end rhymes proving that he is still capable of representing on a mic; Wagadugu then settles on the second verse with a lazy voice hitting at the theme of poverty and emphasizing the need to work harder so as to eradicate poverty; P.I.G who has lately adapted to singing approaches the beat in a calm, lazy tone hinting that life in the ghettos is getting harder due to poverty and encourages his fellow ghetto people to stay strong.

Just days after the release of the song, critics have come out to down play the message saying that being poor is a mentality and so the song could be imprinting a wrong attitude in the minds of those hustling. However another side of the deep thinkers maintain that the three artists are those who have handled millions before and they are victims of a system that has enslaved us and kept us in poverty and so it is only right to expose it through music. With LMB Rags resurrecting on this song alongside the influence of P.I.G and Wagadugu whose brands all appeal much to hustlers, this could just be another street anthem.

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