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Police raid Kwanjula, arrest several gay men

Gossip | THE NORTHERN LINK UG | A joint security team has arrested 44 suspects, mostly men who were found dressed like women with hair wigs and makeup attending a marriage introduction ceremony (kwanjula).

In a short statement, Charles Twine, the Spokesperson of the Criminal Investigations Directorate, says that the suspects were picked from a “wedding party of a gay couple” in Nansana Municipality in Wakiso district.

Luke Oweyesigyire, the Kampala Metropolitan Police Deputy Spokesperson, says the suspects include 38 males and 6 females while the others fled to safety.

He explains that the suspects who are locked up at Nansana Police station have been charged with doing a negligent act likely to spread an infectious disease because they did not follow SOPS.”

“We have preferred to charge them using the public health act, since they were not following the Ministry of Health guidelines,”– he said in a text.

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