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Ragga Pyton arrives in Arua, Freed after seven years in prison

Gossip | The Northern Link UG. The current generation of artists has been absolutely decimated by tragic deaths and career-threatening legal issues, so fans have every right to celebrate it whenever good news pops up. The good news is that self-proclaimed West Nile Music terminator, Raga Python has finally broken free from the coolers after serving a 7yr sentence pronounced in 2015.

The Monster Pharmily president’s momentum came to a screeching halt in 2015 when he got involved in a brawl where he physically assaulted a man he suspected to be having an affair with his wife (by then) only known as Kevin. Unfortunately for him, the man who has remained a mystery to date happened to be a big dog in legal affairs who sued the ruff and tuff dancehall star and won the case. Ever since attempts to get him out on bail terms by family and close friends turned futile. All the music fraternity could do was wait for him to serve his sentence.

A photo of Raga Pyton during his prison days

On his release on Monday from Isimbi prisons Masindi, the ragga star immediately hit the road to Arua ready to start his new journey in life. Before Pyton was thrown in jail, he had spearheaded a rather ruff and tuff music movement which got him a lot of beef scandals. One notable one is that he had with Muni bred Bongo batallian head P.I.G with whom they started together but fell out along the way. The two always kept hitting each other in beef songs and the fans had to take sides. The crew members of both parties would physically confront themselves whenever they met on the streets. Ruckus!

Current Raga Pyton looks after being released. [Photo by Derrick Passy]
The biggest question at the moment is whether the monster terminator is back to resume his ruff and tuff ways or he is taking on a new journey of uniting with his comrades who may have moved ahead in the music scene. With the rapid change and development within this period of time, Pyton and his team may have to re-strategize and decide what best can ensure the Okokoro (Maracha) bred artist returns to the music scene still wins the heart of his die-hard fans.

From close sources on the ground, Pyton has his close team members working on his return to the music scene with Manjede Paul as the manager, Derrick Passy of  Westnilexpozed media handling the artists’ media and promotions, Kay Bie Ballaxieh and Deno Denis as coordinator for Alur and Madi-sub regions respectively.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to see a Monster reunion of former crew members on musical pieces about the music? Artists like Young lemon, Benzee, Captain bulky,, or even a collabo with P.I.G! In the end, the fans will always have the final say since they provide the market. We promise to keep you posted.!!!!

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