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Rapgun brings chef skills to life in surviving lockdown

Gossip | The Northern Link UG| With the ongoing lockdown situation that has turned many in the entertainment industry jobless and yet possibilities of an extension on the lockdown days hoover around. Some acts have resorted to learning new skills to survive while others have gone back to employ what they have already known to survive the days.

For Rapper Rapgun a.k.a Lugbara ma abidara, it has been an option of getting to his professional field that is cooking. Yes! The Nukuta Nzeza bred rapper actually studied a course to cook way before hitting the limelight for those who may not have known.

Rapgun had initially taken up daytime jobs in different hotels to save to fund his music career, which he accomplished. However, speaking to this media through a phone interview, the Ketura singer confesses that due to the conditions imposed by the lockdown which has made it impossible to do music gigs, he has taken up a daytime job as a chef at Country Home Pub located in Nsambia – Arua.

The artist says things have not been smooth for entertainers yet he has an alternative which is being in the kitchen for money. Asked what has become of music, the rapper asserts that though the lockdown is disorganizing entertainers, he thinks it is time to explore the options of media especially digitally. He encourages fellow artists to capitalize on reaching their audience through online platforms and also engage radios.

By the time lockdown was announced, Rapgun was expected to release his ‘LITMASS’ album that fans have been anticipating. However, he has dropped some songs off it such as ‘Tapu’ ft Wakanda and lately ‘Akaoti’, which can be downloaded here:

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