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Rapper D’Lyricist re-ignites talks of his ‘Confessions’ album

Gossip|The Northern Link UG. Hustle gang music and hard core street rapper D’Lyricist has announced dates for his long anticipated album dubbed ‘Confessions’. Lyricist is a famous street icon who got recognized for his early day singles ‘Hustle hard’, ‘Never gonna stop me’ and others that appealed so much to the culture of the streets. Lyrcist who founded the ‘Hustle gang’ music brand has always been appreciated in the industry for his richness in language and ability to appeal to a diverse audience. He also has an admired music style that has enabled him work on big projects with big brands such as FreeBoy with whom he did “Ayikoru’, ‘Story’ and other projects; ot Loveson Controlla on projects like ‘Vako’, ‘Ayii’ and others. Lyricist has earned the respect amongst his comrades in the game.

About the ‘Confessions’ album, Lyricist admits it has been a long spell without putting out work as he had announced this album for 2020 but then corona happened. He however believes that it has given him a chance to reflect on his music and life in general so he needs to expose his findings to the fans through the musical pieces. Asked what special features the piece holds, the urban flow rapper is quick to say it has given him the opportunity to work with legends in the game, hinting at his collabo ft Hip Hop  LMB Rags, a song dubbed ‘Onyiru’ off the album.



Lyricist promises to deliver his best on the upcoming album.

He adds that the album consists of 11 songs of which 5 are specially planned collabos and the rest singles of which he is sure will bring a different feel to local music.

We have been doing this a long time now. It is time we export it all globally. I am confident because production of sound is at a whole new level and so the content has to shift accordingly” said a rather excited Lyricist.

The ‘Confessions’ album according to the artist is master minded by different producers who include DJ Poppa of Arufu records, Joshman of Malcom records, Waivi the boss and Elvis pro. Whenever it is availed, you will be the first to know.

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