You are currently viewing Rapper YCM throws the curtain on his day time job to focus on music career.

Rapper YCM throws the curtain on his day time job to focus on music career.

Gossip| The Northern Link UG | The name YCM Chippa needs no introduction on the music scene at the moment because it has been one of the most trending brands in the city. This is as a result of the work the contemporary gospel rapper has been putting in his music. Just one month ago, Chippa announced his first-ever studio album dubbed ‘Jesus is for everybody’ with which he hoped to bridge the gap among music fans over which type of music is fit for what kind of lifestyle.

YCM who has a solid church background took to feature other artists (secular) in this album which got a lot of criticism from his church audience. He also exhibited unique styles in his music videos like wearing locks which only attracted more negative talk. The rapper stood his ground saying the gospel is most needed on the streets so he had to find means of reaching all people because ‘Jesus is for everybody’.

Jesus is for Everybody album impression

In an interview with this platform, Chippa narrates how his music career has got him challenges from different angles. One notable one being with his employer who has not been comfortable with the medical personnel also doing music. The Mvara bred rapper confesses that however much he tried to show his employer that he could juggle between working as a clinician and music, he could not understand thus leaving Chippa in a tight angle to choose between his day job and his music career.

I really tried my best but I was faced with a tough choice between the job and my music! Of course I will choose music over anything, any day!

Chippa also admits that for an artist without an alternative source of income during these pandemic times,  life can really get tough but he is determined to face any hurdles that come in the way of his music career.

The Jesus is for everybody album has been one of the most successful this year given that it got recognized amidst the pandemic situation. It is so rich in content as it features some of the best entertainment acts in the place such as DJPoppa (who produced 80% of the songs) , Gbaraspoken, Fredieline, DJ Dranix, Brawta Wiggle to mention but a few.

Asked what his next move will be. Chippa says his team is working on distributing the album digitally for those who are willing to purchase the songs to support his work. He initially had an album listening party which was a success and now those who want their personal copies will pay for single songs at a price of 2000ugs per song. All the songs will available for sale on in the next 24 hours.

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