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RDC And RCC Fight Over Office Space in Arua City.

WESTNILE: The Leaders of Arua city and the district were left in a panic as the newly transferred resident city commissioner and the resident district Commissioner battle over lack of office space.

With the creation of the new administrative units without proper guidelines, the Arua district was left with no option but to accommodate all the staff of the city and the residual district in the same structures of the district constructed in 1922.

But according to the newly transferred Resident City Commissioner Arua Martin Oroch this is the third time he has been denied handover process as the first got the predecessor sick, the second one was handed to the resident district Commissioner of Arua district, and it is the third time which angered him threatening to start operating from the home village in Nebbi district.

“Am not ready to be in a confusing place but if this is not sorted I can work from Nebbi which is close to Arua other than getting angry for nothing”. Oroch added.


Photo of the new RCC Martin Orach speaking During the handover

Meanwhile, Festus Ayikobua who is the new Resident District Commissioner Arua District says it’s his first time to see such a mess as an occupational hazard.

“I was directed to be handed over by the RDC of Arua but only to be surprised by this, but am ready to be where you want me to be because you know better where the officers are to be”

Sam Wadri Nyakua the district chairperson Arua proposed that this be harmonized quickly as the district does not have structures to accommodate officers.

“We can not fail to create space here because the Deputy RDC has already gone to Madi Okollo and as the Deputy RCC has not come, we can take advantage of this.”

Things are not easy in the new District as councilors have not proposed the headquarters to be and structures are not in place and many of the district officers are still operating within the city. “Wadri added”.

The assistant chief administrative officer Arua district Sandra Ewachabo said there should be no doubt of who is to be whereas most of these officers are operating from the old buildings of the district and been paid by her department including those from Terego district

Meanwhile, the interim mayor Arua city Issa Kato Afeku equally urge the colleagues to understand the local situation in solving policy matters.

“since the cost cities were created, there has not been any clear policy as such we should forge a way of treating the matter locally”.

Close to three hours the interim resident city Commissioner Nahori Oya decided to hand over for the second time to the rightful resident city Commissioner martin Oroch the office and tasked him to continue evangelizing on the peaceful coexistence.

Am happy that by the time am handing to the right person, I’ve established total peace and love among the population and internationally with DR Congo, ended the escalating internal disputes over land, Religious differences, and others though some have remained, so I urge you to do more so that we have economically attractive City in the country”

After the transition of power to the new RCC Martin Oroch expressed happiness.

“Am very happy though been disappointed by the rush for office, I pledge that I will do better than my predecessor if the community is cooperative and development-oriented”.

Martin Oroch been installed as the new RCC of Arua City worked for two years as the RDC of Tororo and two years and three months in Budaka district before his transfer to Arua and Nahori Oya who has been the interim RCC has been transferred to Maracha district.

By Dramadri Federick

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