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Refugees Participation In Uganda Politics Hits West Nile Leaders.

WESTNILE :  The involvement of urban refugees in Ugandan politics has sparked fear among leaders of West Nile as most of their youths engage in political rallies and mobilizations.

According to the leaders this may increase insecurity as most of these refugees are conflict activated persons who can easily motivate the locals into violence.

One of the refugee leaders only identified as Anisi explained that most of the refugee youths have found themselves running behind candidates which he said is dangerous.

“It’s so absurd that most of our youths are now participating in the Ugandan politics, putting on candidate uniforms, running behind candidates, even involved in the rallies. I urge the leaders to come up and advise these youths because we are not ready to go and collect someone from the police or mortuary”.

The representative of the refugees on Arua City development forum Catherine Sikita says a lot of Civic education has been extended on the policies of the country to the refugees.

“we have in several forums emphasized on the events they are not supposed to participate in, this is a serious vice that we condemn”.

Meanwhile the Deputy Mayor Arua City Kalsum Abdu Fadimula says the actions of the refugees is against the law of Uganda.

“the refugees are here for their safety, they are not supposed to participate in the affairs of this country, if they think they can easily be lowered into politics by some candidates by campaigning for him or her they are wasting their time.”

The Resident City Commissioner RCC Arua City Nahori Oya cautions those involved in the act to forget before the law catches with them.

“I have got reports of some refugees masquerading as nationals, they must stop, this issue of wanting to taste everything of the country must disappear in their minds. The law is very clear on this and as security chief I will not entertain this.” Oya warned.

To the regional refugee desk officer West Nile Solomon Osakan those arrested in the act shall be deregistered.

“Those who are involved in act shall be deregistered from been a refugee and shall be handed over to their government where they come from because he or she does not respect the constitution of this country.”

These cases are commonly registered in the urban areas as most of the refugees are interested in the little snacks from the politicians as a way of buying favor from the electorates

Though Urban refugees are not recognized by the policy in most parts of the country over five thousand refugees from seven nations have self-settled in urban areas the greatest been in Arua City according to a data published by RICE West Nile in August 2020 most of these been south Sudanese.

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