Ruda, A Financial Institution In Arua City Officially Launched

Rafiki United Development Association (RUDA), a Community Based Non-governmental formed-up of over 70 members is officially launched in Arua City.

Commenced as a social group in 2016 with the main targets to help and fundraise for marriages, Nikkah and funeral issues, RUDA has moved to savings and working loans for members.

At its inception, RUDA had a membership of less than ten, comprised of female and males.

RUDA was formally registered as a C.B.O with the Director of Community Services of Arua District Local Government with membership of Thirty-seven in February 2019.

While giving background on the association during official launch at Republic Hotel in Arua City, the Association Chairperson Akbar Bilal said, the association has brought together people of different tribes, religion and profession. This he says creates unity among the people West Nile as different districts are represented.

According to construction of the association, RUDA is neither political, Religious nor tribal, voters whose political affiliation and choice are subject to individual their interests not at the interest of RUDA nor it’s leadership but at this point of this.

Speaking after the activity, Sheillah Princess Obia who is also vying for Arua City Woman MP advised the association management to introduce other income generating activities to raise money.

She however challenges them to ensure the leadership of this Association.

At the time of launching RUDA, its membership stands at about 70.

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