The referees disciplinary panel on Tuesday 24th, Feburary 2021 sat and annulled the red card shown to Police FC player Ochan Derrick .

Ochan was shown red card during a game played between  Vipers SC  Police at St. Mary’s Stadium-Kitende.

The panel annulled the red card on ground that it was wrongly given to Ochan by the assistant referee 2

In the letter written by chief executive officer Bainamani Benard Bampaire, Ochan is elegible to play for Police FC.

” Panel annulled the red crad shown to Ochan Derrick due to the wrong call made by assistant referee 2. Therefore, the said player is elegible to play for Police FC.” the letter reads in part.

The annullying of the red card comes days after  Police FC chairman AIGP Asan Kasingye complained about poor officiation at viper home ground in kitende on his Twitter handle.





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