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STRIKE: Odravu Secondary School students burnt down the school library and dormitories

News | The Northern Link UG | A wave of student strikes have shaken the West Nile Sub-region, destroying infrastructure in some schools and leaving students facing an uncertain future.

Seven schools have been closed as a result of strikes in the last month.

Property has been destroyed as a result of the strikes, forcing parents and school administrations to reconstruct the structures.
Kijomoro Secondary School students in Maracha District went on strike last month. St Joseph’s College Ombaci followed suit four days later.

Student strikes were also reported at St Andrew’s College and Hawa Comprehensive Secondary School in Moyo, as well as Katrini Secondary School in Terego District.

In the most recent strike, which took place on Monday, students at Logoba Secondary School in Moyo District vandalized new and outdated computer laboratories in protest over being given beans instead of meat.

Muni University students also went on strike on Thursday for unpaid allowances.

The students of Odravu Secondary School are the most recent to enter the picture; on March 16th late at night, they burnt down the school library and dormitories for an undisclosed cause, making it the 9th strike in less than two weeks.

State of the dormitory after Odravu strike

According to research, students strike for a variety of reasons, including inadequate nourishment, mismanagement, bad teaching techniques, poor communication, poor disciplinary enforcement, and a need for amusement. Some students, according to reports, go on strike while under the influence of drugs or peer pressure.

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