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Suprisingly Museveni names the Kampala Bombers

News | The Northern Link UG | His Excellency the President of Uganda Kaguta Museveni finally speaks out on the Kampala bombers after long day waits by the netizens. Through his Twitter handle, the president names all the suspected suicide bombers.

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To the Ugandans, especially the Bazzukulu.

Today at 10:00hours, some pigs (in reality manipulated and confused Bazzukulu), apparently, blew themselves up, one near the IGG office and the other near CPS.

At about 10:30hours, the CMI/Police squads injured and captured the third terrorist in the area of Katooke, Bwaise with his bomb. He, later, died but gave us very good information before dying. His name is Musa Mudasiri.

The bomber of CPS was by the name of Mansoor Uthman and the one of the IGG offices is by the name of Wanjusi Abdallah. All these are part of the ADF group that attacked Gen. Katumba in June.

As I told the country before, by attacking Gen. Katumba, these terrorists, exposed themselves at a time when our security (anti-crime) infrastructure has improved, compared to what it was in 2018 when I made the speech to Parliament.

Since the attack on Gen. Katumba, the following has been achieved:

– Seven (7) have been killed while resisting arrest;

– Eighty-one (81) have been arrested; and

– 3 have been killed by the bombs they were carrying.

The 2 of today were, therefore, running away from being arrested

We have been hunting for them since the Katumba incident.

Those killed since the Katumba incident are:

1.Nsubuga Mohammed;


3.Moses Mudasiri (the one of today);

4.Master Lubwama;

5.Juma Saidi;

6.Serwadda Juma; and

7.Amin Kawawa Mustapha. – Says the president via twitter

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