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Suspected Robbers Burnt to Death in Paidha Town

More than five (5) men believed to be behind a spate of stock theft incidents in Paidha Town have been killed and burnt to ashes in an apparent mob justice attack in the border town.

According to our reporter, disgruntled community members accused the men of handpicking, robbing the local shops, Boda-Bodas, etc which has made night movements very hard.

“They are so evil and don’t sleep at night threatening people with firearms, knives and so many bad weapons”. Resident says

Residents hunting for the thieves (courtesy photos)

In a heated atmosphere, it is alleged that about 7 thieves have been killed, many more are on the run except the 2 who ran and took refuge at the police station.

Community members took the ball to their hands, hunted down the alleged robbers, beat to a pulp, and stoned them to death before setting them alight.

The police were then called and by the time they arrived at the scene, about 6 men had already perished in the fire.

Lying bodies of the alleged thieves (courtesy photos)

Live Bullets and teargas was sprayed to disperse the angry mob.

Efforts to communicate with the Police were futile by press time.

Security officers restoring peace in the town (courtesy image)

However, This is not the first time the township has witnessed such an incidence of instance mob justice.

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  1. Okaba Deo

    Well done …..even in yo hometown….u can’t move freely… nonsense.infact they must be reburnt to scare others…

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