Gossip. On Friday September 2nd 202, History was inked down in the entertainment books of West Nile as Monopoly held his maiden concert, filling up Capital one parking lot to capacity, something no home based artist has managed to do.

This was one much highly anticipated show down as the comic rapper has had a remarkable impact on the music scene ever since 2016. Formerly known as Emmy Rhymes, the Apamabo singer had been part of Live dreams entertainment under Andu Frank for most of his hey days in the industry and after his rebrand gone ahead to mesmerize music fans with almost every piece he drops.

The whole concert was filled with numerous performance of artists both old school and new school. One would say Monopoly has successfully bridged the gap between the old and new, something that has been a bottle neck in the industry for so long. Artists like JM Kennedy, King weeda, Fat A, Pingo ma, black harmony all graced the stage with their classical musical pieces from the old school while names like D’wyne Gabana, Controlla, Kliff XV, Phify, Elton, Jobian tick & Black lion plus many others all had the platform to represent the new school. One notable comment was made by music legend J.M Kennedy who admitted that the young lad has accomplished in 5 years what the old school failed to do in 20years!

A section of the mammoth crowd that turned up to attend Monopoly’s maiden concert.

Then came the moment for the man of the night who hit the stage in a messianic manner, all clad in white and holding arms wide open amidst loud ululations from his fans for at least 3mins. What a sight to see.

Well, like the saying goes.. “Do not forget where you come from”, Monopoly during his performance introduced Andu Frank on stage and told the fans their little history. He said Andu had paid for his first ever studio session and nothing stayed the same ever since. He and Andu went ahead to perform their first collabo ‘Agatayo’ as the fans sang along. Monopoly then went on to do his popular music pieces from the annual wrap ups to songs like Apamabo, Njiza, Tap tap, Ongo, Arua to which the fans all sang to and cheered.

The post concert days have been filled with messages of congratulations to the man who has proved that it is possible. Monopoly on his part has been full of gratitude to the fans and industry at large. Being the kind hearted person he is, the bad character has made a powerful statement urging the fans to show the same love to the rest of the local artists as this is how the industry grows.

Uniting my people with a microphone. I love you all my people. We shall rewrite this again in future. Being its first we met a few challenges but next it will be better. This love shouldn’t stop with me

Wrote Monopoly on his timeline.

Despite a few short comings during that night, the maiden concert in all registered massive success from the numbers to showing us how far the whole local industry has evolved, hopefully awaiting bigger episodes. It was a night that not only marked history but painted memories to live in the minds of music fans for eternity.



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