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Tsetse flies infestation hits Nwoya district

News | The Northern Link UG | Tsetse flies have invaded four villages in Lii sub-county in Nwoya district according to the local authorities. The affected villages are Cel Peke, Ceke, Got Lunyang, and Lii Bungu in Langele and Lii Parishes respectively.

Justine Ajaji, the LC III chairperson of Lii sub-county says that farmers and residents started reporting the presence of the insects three weeks ago. He says they are currently registering Famers whose kraals in his sub-county have been affected by Nagana, which is caused by the insects. Tsetse flies also cause sleeping sickness in humans, which is endemic in sub-Saharan Africa.

Ajaji says that the sub-county has procured 100 net traps to try and trap the insects and prevent them from biting cattle and humans. According to Ajaji, the most affected areas are Cel Peke and Got Lunyang villages, which surround Murchison Falls National Park.

Denis Ojok, a resident of Got Lunyang village says that they are worried of being infected with sleeping sickness as a result of bites by the insects. He says if nothing is done by district authorities to eliminate the insects, chances are that they are going to lose their cattle.

Stephen Opiru, another resident of Got Lunyang village says that he lost two cows to Nagana last week. Opiru now fears that his family and those in the area infested by the insects could catch sleeping sickness. Emmanuel Okwir, the Nwoya district veterinary officer told our reporter that plans are underway to address the problem but declined to reveal the extent of the infestation in the sub-county.

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