You are currently viewing ‘Tujari’, A Website-Based Marketing Tool Launched in West Nile

‘Tujari’, A Website-Based Marketing Tool Launched in West Nile

A team of IT Students who graduated from Muni University together with a Businessman in Arua City has developed an online marketing tool dubbed ‘Tujari’.

This tool links Vendors with their customers in different markets within and outside the country online.

The idea to develop the website-based marketing tool commenced with an aim to close the gap between vendors and customers during the countrywide lockdown, at a time when most businesses were closed.

Users on the tool enter the web address to connect to the website and make orders for products required. This is delivered by the company after filling in details including the location (delivery point).

During its official launch at Bamboo Village in Arua City, Tujari’s Marketing Manager, Eian Tahebwa assured the public of quality products which is a great concern when buying items online.

“If you are a vendor coming to us, we must inspect your product, they pass through approval levels” Tahebwa assures.

“Even if you are given an account on our platform, you will upload products but they don’t get reflected there, and then, they first come to us then we go and inspect if they are really genuine” he adds.

‘Tujari’ is a Swahili word literally translated as Business. The tools also help to connect different business owners from different parts of the country and outside with their customers.

How to access the tool

For one to shop online using ‘Tujari’, it requires either a smartphone or a computer to access the page to view items uploaded.

On a computer or smartphone, enter the web address ( and this takes you to the hope page. It is here that you view different items available to buy and the prices of each item are indicated below it.

Categories of the items

By the time of launching, the website had items in the categories of electronics, home, and kitchen, fashion, drinks, and beverages, art and crafts among others.

A Businessman in Arua City, Isaac Abiriga who partners with the developers says, “Our essence is to connect with the market that is the households, that is even the big other markets and we don’t only look at Arua, we look beyond; South Sudan, Congo, Kampala, and the diaspora”.

‘Tujari’ current office is located OB Plaza in Arua City with plans to establish branches in other parts of the country.

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