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“Tumbiza Sound” Scrapped Off Air By Ministry Of Health

The ministry of health has written a letter to the Uganda Communications Commission requesting the ban of the “Tumbisa Sound” song on all mass media channels. A song considered to be a lockdown Anthem sung by Northern Ugandan Star Opoka Eric alias EeZzy

The ministry of health in the letter says that the song is being broadcasted on electronic and social media with messages contradicting its standard operating procedures on COVID19.

Eezzy’s “Tumbiza Sound” has been one of the most trending songs in Uganda today but now you will never hear it rock the airwaves unless otherwise.

This came barely after few days when this northern Uganda superstar lost his social media handles to hackers. According to close source, Ezzzy’s Facebook, Instragram and Youtube chanel is currently hacked and being managed by unknown persons.

Is this the esnd of Eezzy”s starship or its just the beginning of blessings? Watch the space!!

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