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Two Children Survive UXO Blast In Gulu

New | Gulu | The Northern Link UG | Two children aged seven and 14 on Thursday survived being killed by Unexploded Ordinance-UXO in Acut-omer village, Paicho Sub County in Gulu district.

The two siblings, both boys were reportedly ploughing a garden at neighboring Akworo village when they unearthed the UXO at around 9:00 am and took it home where they dropped it in a fire that was being used to cure tobacco in their compound.

According to Kilama Santo Adek Tele, a local councilor one chairperson of Acut-omer village, nobody was injured in the explosion of the UXO which he suspects was a bomb.

In 2017, a similar case happened in the same village where one farmer died.

It is said the victim while digging saw and picked up the UXO and it detonated in an attempt to find out what it was.

“When he touched the bomb, people suddenly heard an explosion like lightning, then they went to the scene and found his body covered in blood and reported the incident to the police,” One elder said

Police transported the victim to the hospital, but due to serious injuries, he died. The shrapnel had hit most of the victim’s face, shattered his bladder, broke both of his legs and left arm at the armpit.

He added that Paicho Subcounty, especially in Acut-Omer Village, was once a battlefield between the government and rebels, who buried and left UXOs there.

Due to the presence of UXOs, district authorities continue to warn people about their dangers.

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