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Two musical icons set to face off on one stage in heated “ARINGA ‘BA DAWA” music battle

Gosip | The Northern Link UG. Recently returned music artist Fiamani XBishop of the popular ‘Bomb’ song and street icon Wagadugu who doubles as a boxer are set to tussle it out In  a fierce “who is who’ music battle happening this Sunday 9th January at Alanos country club. The show down dubbed “Aringa ‘ba dawa” which translates to mean “the medicine of an Aringa is a fellow Aringa” was initially planned to happen last year in June but then the second lockdown was imposed which blocked the show down to the disappointment of several music fans.

According to XBishop, this is an opportunity to reunite with fans and set the agenda for his upcoming “Nuclear weapon” album concert which he is soon to announce. Asked if he is scared that his opponent would win, Fiamani laughs out saying he was only scared when he first learned that Wagadugu called him out to battle. “I thought he wanted a boxing match but I later relaxed because musically he is no match for me”.

XBishop says his opponent is a no match for him when it comes to music.

Wagadugu on his part promises to discipline XBishop and show him who owns the streets of the city, predicting to garner more support from the ghetto youth than his opponent.  The motor mouthed artist and boxer is a popular act on the streets and commands the respect of many while XBishop is a music legend who had been off the scene but he equally needs to introduction on the streets. Well, the only way to determine “who is” who in this battle I suggest is by being part of the event such that everyone can judge for themselves.

Wagadugu says he is ready to show XBishop who truly runs the streets of Arua city.

Also performing at the event will be another Aringa act, Stiky wicky formerly a rapper who has also made a return to the industry as a singer with his latest hit single “Mbu mbu”. All these performances will be spiced up by producer & superstar DJ Poppa of Arufu records who will be in control of the sound that day. We bet you wouldn’t want to miss out on such a display.

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