Music update – The Northern Link UG. Veteran Reggae and Dance hall artist Vairas Onestone is on the journey to his “Where I am from” E.P release event. This is anticipated to be his first major project since his sudden split with duo partner Endy Joe. The duo had been one of the first and fastest rising in the West Nile region for over 7 years before they split in 2018, they had a remarkable number of hits such as Dancehall magic, Sauti malamu, Terego princess and others scooping a number of nominations in prestigious awards.

Ever since their split, the two have each taken on solo careers and both look to be doing good in their own capacities. Asked what the cause of their break up was, Vairas on his side says though they had personal ideological differences, he had no reason to break up but his colleague thought different. He however strongly asserts that he started out music as a solo artist before venturing into the duo setting and so he is confident in his solo career.

Vairas and Endy Joe during their days as duo artists

In his short span of music as a solo artist, Onestone has put out some great pieces like Boda Boda man, Ngili ngili, Odila and he has also gone onto mentor some young brands under his Buffalo camp music group. Names like West B, V click, Empress Gwala are some of the products under his initiative.

About the upcoming “Where I am from” E.P, Vairas says it is the beginning of a new chapter in his career as a solo artist, saying he draws inspiration from his personal journey and that of the industry in general. “Years back, this was not the setting of the industry. When we broke up as duo with Endy, there were hardly any journalists who even bothered to follow up on the reasons but today it is different. I am proud to say the journey has a remarkable impact on me and the industry. To me it is all about Love and respect for each other and that is how I carry along each day”.

“Where I am from” the E.P release it slated for November 26th at Heritage courts Arua featuring a number of celebrated West Nile artists. The E.P of six songs was produced jointly by DJ Poppa & Elvis pro who are both top sound engineers in the region.

Official poster and pricing for “Where I am From” E.P by Vairas Onestone

Vairas Onestone is one character who commands respect from the industry as a veteran artist who is not involved in any scandals, focusing on delivering good music to his fans. In his solo career, the soft spoken artist has grown to be identified more with the reggae genre, something according to him has helped reflect and bring out his true inner self by preaching peace and love to all.


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