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West Nile receives motorcycles to fight crime in hard to reach areas

News | The Northern Link UG | The department of Criminal Investigations Directorate-CID in four districts of West Nile has been boosted with new motorcycles to detect and fight crime in hard-to-reach areas.

The bajaj motorcycles with private number plates supplied by the police headquarters were handed over to the CID officers of Zombo, Madi Okollo, Terego, and Maracha districts which have direct porous borderlines with DR Congo and are hosting refugees.

According to records from the regional CID in West Nile, the four districts have been leading in crimes like assault, murders, defilement, and theft as a result of refugees and international border influence and so require more access to some of the remote areas to detect and fight crime.

David Ojwiga, the acting regional CID officer West Nile said the motorcycles with ready fuel will ease crime investigations in the villages. Ojwiga says the CID officers have been facing challenges of reaching remote areas of the region because there is only one vehicle that cannot reach areas deep in the villages.

Hudson Ocen, the police spokesperson for West Nile said with the new motorcycles, the detectives will be able to reach crime scenes in time and contain such situations. Ocen also disclosed that the civilian number plates are meant to conceal the identity of such officers to avoid them being easily identified and isolated by communities.

Records from the police indicate that the region registers over 80 cases of various crimes each month and efforts to curb such crimes have been hindered by inadequate transport to facilitate the movement of police officers.

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