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Gossip|The Northern Link UG | Ever since West Nile TV got on the ground with all the visual branding, many have been asking when they would start airing digitally. Earlier there were dates announced to launch the TV on digital but some technical delays happened. A section of critics had already started concluding the new TV, saying there is nothing serious going on at the Anyafio based station.

However the news this evening is that West Nile TV is up and running digitally on StartimesTv channel 477 before it will extend to other digital service providers like GOTV. They took to their social media pages to announce the big move.

Yes, we are now on star times,.. proudly lighting the region.

The post read.

The poster on the West Nile TV page accompanying the announcement of going digital.

This move means West Nile TV becomes the first-ever digital TV in history in the region.

In recent months, the brand name ‘West Nile TV’ has been the cause of misunderstandings among some media personalities.

Initially, a team started running social media programs as West Nile TV for over a year, only to be stripped of the name when an investor stepped in to legally register and reserve the rights to the name.

This did not go well with the initial team who complained and hoped to at least be recognized but to no avail.

This former West Nile TV team recently joined hands with West Nile Web to create content as RHINO TV.

Close sources indicate that they are equally in advanced stages of going digital. We will always keep you posted.

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  1. Keruthum joy

    We are glad to hear that ,this is the first TV station in westnile

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