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WHAT A WIN! Paidha client bangs 180M from 1K

BANG! | The Northern Link | All cash needs were sorted at least for now for one Fortebet Paidha client after hitting a wonder 180 million in style. Most amazingly, this win came from a stake of as low as UGX 1,000.

On his ticket (number 3202535230359999), this winner picked only dozens of tennis, ice hockey, and basketball matches.

He went for most favorite team wins, with relatively low odds for most of the matches. However, three matches with odd 2s were a very big boost in pushing this ticket to this big win.

While picking his cash from Fortebet head office in Kololo-Kampala handed to him by Fortebet brand ambassador, Alex Muhangi, the winner said,

“I was betting on football but I could lose a lot. So, I decided to switch to tennis, ice hockey, and basketball, and here is the harvest.”

The winner carries a portion of his money at Fortebet headquarters in Kampala

On what he is going to use this money for, he noted,

“I am going to buy land and build my permanent home. I will then use the balance for setting up my stable source of income.”

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