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XBishop announces music return with first ever album

Gossip | The Northern Link UG | Legendary Westnile Hip-hop icon Fiamani XBishop has finally announced his return to active music after a long spell.

X is a Hip-hop icon in the region who first became a street artist before being recognized by mainstream media. He used to be a popular figure since his high school days known for rapping on the streets, acting drama skits, dancing, and singing. Remember the days when being a ‘bad boy’ was a cool thing? Yea, that is how X got a following since most kids started looking at him as an idol, yet societal standards never allowed such a lifestyle at that time. He would mime to sounds of his idols like Eminem, 2pac, Jay Z, and others.

By the time X hit the studio to do his first tracks such as ‘Ongu tu’ ‘bo, ‘Aringa ga’ and others, he already had a mammoth following. The Hip hop icon at that time LMB Ragz recognized him and signed him to “Dribiti” entertainment but then the crew could not offer much.

X then took a break to concentrate on his education and career as demanded by his family from 2013. He continued doing music gigs and recording but never actively worked on his brand as an artist.  X says he has been abused, disrespected, and humiliated by his own people but one thing is his love for music is natural and it wins.

Fast forward to 2021 and X is now a fully evolved musical act. He says he had felt bad about staying away from the scene but now he realizes it was all for his betterment. After completing his degree from Makerere University in May, X immediately hit the studio to work on his first-ever studio album dubbed “NUCLEAR WEAPON”. This he says was inspired by the hurdles life threw at him and also meant to announce his return, adding that he has come to claim his throne to prove himself as the ‘King of WestNile’ music.

The official Nuclear weapon album cover art

Speaking to this platform, X admits there are a number of talents that have since risen in his absence but claims non of them is capable of getting the local industry-recognized internationally. His biggest mission therefore is to ensure he opens up WestNile to the whole world.

Upon his return, X has declared to do more singing than rapping. ‘I am a hip hoper, Hip hop made me and my entire lifestyle which I forever recognize and respect’ X said.  However, he asserts that the market demand favors the singers more than rappers and yet the biggest aspect is a composition which he has fully grasped from Hip Hop.

According to X, the first track off the album is scheduled to drop this Sunday at midnight.  Also, Songs off the album in focus will be released and distributed digitally in phases till the end of the year when he intends to do a return concert in case lockdown is eased.  The marketing and distribution of this album are handled by Everlit media in partnership with Darwin touch and X music.

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