You are currently viewing XBishops’ new song rejected by Radio Pacis.

XBishops’ new song rejected by Radio Pacis.

Gossip | The Northern Link UG: XBishop recently announced a return to active music with his maiden album dubbed Nuclear weapon off which he has been dropping singles from July last year. Among the songs released include ‘Bomb’, E’yo alari, Mama, and Unana which have all got massive reception from the singers’ fans.

Just last week the X music team had looked to release two more of the songs off the album which include ‘Ewa’ (Alcohol) and Love’s a game ft Loveson controlla. However on a visit to Radio Pacis, a mother radio station that has a remarkable influence on the local industry, the X music team was disappointed when the vetting team of the Catholic founded radio frankly told them the music piece ‘Ewa’ could not play on their airwaves.

DJ Sparrow who represents the radios’ music department team on his part presented the Pacis music policy booklet that stated that music with context that seem to be hyping alcohol sales or contraceptive use are strictly forbidden.

In this particular music piece, XBishop presents two contrasting views on the consumption of alcohol: He opens the song by confessing on the dangers of drinking alcohol, wondering when he will let go of the habit; however the singer then contradicts his first school of thought in the second part as he now requests to be given alcohol! (efe mani ewa mvuuuu… This is where it goes against the policies of Radio Pacis accoridng to Sparrow.

Although the song was ruled out of the airwaves, some members from the media house appreciated the song: Ajai who runs the sunset flavour on Radio Pacis complemented the production of the song, saying they would still listen to it on their phones even if they cannot play it on the airwaves.

XBishop in his response applauded the Radio Pacis team for exhibiting professionality in their work.

I am a little bit disappointed by the fact that my song has been disapproved of but that does not mean I have a problem with the presenters, they are simply doing their job which I respect.

X and his team then went ahead to present another song “Love’s a game” ft Loveson Controlla which happens to be the sixth song off his 12 track Nuclear weapon album. This one has a direct theme talking about the twists and turns in love relationships and the two combine to share their experiences from different view points.

X and Controlla have a long history together as entertainers and previously had one song ‘Saka nabu’ that had received massive reception in the region. Ever since the two had not worked on a project till this one.

Produced by DJ Poppa who has almost single handedly produced Fiamani’s whole album, the tune is urban with a touch of a African and the two artists come out on top with their melodic voices.

The two new tunes ‘Ewa’ and ‘Love is a game’ are now available and can be accessed right here:


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